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About us

Does it ever feel like you’re swamped with information, trawling through dashboards to get at one number but never actually finding it?
Does it feel like you never have time to focus on what’s truly important in your business? 

Well Projected is here to help you cut through the noise and bring the numbers that matter straight to your inbox so you don’t have to go looking for them.

We’ve built a smart flash report that delivers the key data that you need to know when you need to know it, from burn and runway to month on month revenue growth. We layer in external data and personalised news feeds to give you broader context on what’s happening in your industry so that you can pull your head out of the weeds and make better, more informed decisions.

Not just another dashboard

Projected tailors information for business leaders, empowering them to make decisions.



After spending close to 20 years leading businesses as CEO, CFO and founder, Aarish knew how frustrating it could be for decision makers in the business to get the data they need in a timely manner and communicated in a way that could be easily understood and shared.

Having worked as CFO with high growth tech ventures since 2015 he also knew how easy it was to get pulled into activities that were urgent, but never actually critical to the growth of the business. He also realised (by getting it wrong himself) that the world didn’t need another financial modelling platform, or set of dashboards to be ignored; instead he looked at where he spent most of his time adding value as a CFO and it boiled down to:

  • Turning data into information (or as he likes to say, numbers into narrative).
  • Providing context to numbers based on what’s happening in the wider ecosystem and economy.
  • Building out scenarios that synthesized all this information.
  • Communicating this to the business leadership.
  • With that in mind he sent out a survey to 100s of CFOs and finance leaders operating in the early stage and SME sector and the response was overwhelming – data presented regularly and consistently in a short, digestible format, with key internal as well as external data to benchmark from was key.

And Projected was born.

Where next?


Starting with our context driven flash reports, Projected aims to bring clarity to decision makers in SMEs who are all to often stuck in fire fighting mode and never able to look at what’s important ********************to make better decisions for the future.******************** And that’s where we’re heading next. Over the longer term, we are building in machine learning into the product to help provide smart scenario planning that helps business leaders make more informed, data led decisions. Both enhancing the office of the CFO in those business that have one as well as providing the sort of insight a CFO might bring to the table for those that don’t.

Projected will be the virtual CFO you never knew you needed but cannot do business without.


Aarish –  Player 1


As CFO and herder of CFOs for venture backed tech startups and scaleups from Seed through Series C and with close to 2 decades leading businesses, Aarish made the decision some time ago to do what all sensible people try to do – make himself redundant. And so Projected was born, the tool he wished he’d always had but never had the time to build

Kayleigh –  Player 2


Founder of Junction 5, an app development studio and of FOBBS an edtech platform that showcases and highlights Black British figures and achievements, Kayleigh has been building and testing tech for 15 years. 

Ben – Player 3


Ben has spent his career figuring out how to position, brand and build companies’ presence in the marketplace. After founding DVO, he’s worked with multiple startups and scaleups (but only has eyes for Projected really!).

Stella –  Player 4

Front End Dev

Stella is a self taught front end developer with some back end skillz to boot, with a masters of science in Digital Architecture and Design, she not only has written the code that powers our front end, she brings an eye for great design to boot.

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