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Insights without the noise-
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We asked 100s of CFOs


What is something you wished existed that would make your job easier?

Not just another dashboard

Smart, concise, actionable information straight to your inbox

Re:Step 1


Open your account, tell us about your business so we can learn what’s relevant to you.

Fwd:Step 2


Sit back and receive your bespoke email, filtering out the noise with information you can act on

Re:Step 3


Add your internal data sources, set your KPIs, and see these reported in your bespoke email

Re:Step 4


Plugin external data sources, benchmark your business and add true context to the information you receive 

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Jim – 

CFO in the Know

Where can I get one of these cool avatars?

A CFO – 

Finance Pro on the Go

Thank god not another dashboard

Aarish – 

Chief CFO EmergeOne

I wish I’d thought of this, awesome

Join these 
smart working CFOs.


Join these smart working CFOs.


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